Student of the Year - new in 2023

This award is presented to a student who exemplifies a commitment to the profession of nurse anesthesia and to advancing the art and science of anesthesia.

Previous Award Recipients

2023 - Parker Henderson, BSN, SRNA


CRNA of the Year Award

The Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist of the Year award is presented to a certified registered nurse anesthetist that practices in the state of Ohio.  The award recognizes the CRNA’s commitment to the profession of nurse anesthesia through safe practice, or contributions to academia or research.  

Previous Award Recipients

2017 - Kellie Deeter, MSN, CRNA

2017- Megan Fillman, MSN, CRNA

2018 -Scott Urigel, MSN, CRNA

2019 - Jeff Molter, MSN, MBA, CRNA

2020 - Kim Riviello, DNP, MBA, CRNA

2022 - Sonya Moore, DNP, CRNA

2023 - Angela Milosh, DNP, CRNA, FAANA

2023 - Eric Kramer, DNAP, CRNA, FNP-C


Living Legend Award

Established in 2017 by the State Government Relations Committee, the Living Legend Award recognizes someone who has made significant contributions specific to the legislative process and advancing CRNA practice in Ohio.   

Previous Award Recipients

2017 - Lynn Reede, DNP, CRNA

2018 - Wanda Wilson, PhD, CRNA

2019 - Brian Kasson, DNP, MHS, CRNA

2020 - Jack Kless, PhD, MSN, MA, CRNA

2022 - Jeff Molter, MSN, MBA, CRNA

2023 - Nicholas Farinacci, DNP, CRNA


Educator of the Year

This award was designed by the Ohio Nurse Anesthetists Student Board and it recognizes a CRNA who has excelled in his/her teaching and mentorship of a student nurse anesthetist.  The award is chosen by the ONAS board members.

Previous Award Recipients

2018 - Jennifer Lanzillotta, PhD, CRNA

2019 - Brian Radesic, DNP, CRNA

2020 - Kelly Pond, DNP, MSN, CRNA

2022 - Melody Betts, DNP, CRNA

2023 - Carrilee Powell, DNP, CRNA