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The following individuals have supported the OSANA PAC at these levels.  Consider supporting the OSANA PAC and click the donate button above. Thank you to all!

Adam Longberry Beth Ann Clayton Amanda Brown   Ann Riffle
Andrew Herf Brian Garrett Ashley Balitaan Ann Siefert
Angela Milosh Jeffrey Hoffman Brian Hall Ashley Dorkoskie
Brandy Cooley - Debolt Jeffrey Raymond Gaskins  Brian Selai Broc Nichelson
Brian Kasson Kristine Martin Brian Storad Carole Gould
Donna Ward Richard Kucera, Jr Charles Tabbert Casi Hamner
Douglas Baker
 Susan Harper Cindy Leonardi Danielle Courtney
James Edinger
Zach Vorst Cynthia Flick Dawn AuBuchon
Jason Sprow
  Dawn Etchtell Devin Ockerman
Jeffrey Molter
  Donna Rybka Jacob Stollard
Jennifer Lanzillotta
  Fred LeJeune James Hemesath
Joseph Hollabaugh Jr
   Heather Hogrefe Jennifer Jacoby
Judy Audas
  John Manuel Jennifer Zorio
Karen Nye
  Joylen Kent Jeri Andrus
Kellie Deeter
  Kaitlyn Jakubec Jessica Tobey
Kendra Hetrick
  Katherine Hoyt Jim Armstrong
Kimberly Riviello
  Ken Schoepf John Reichert
Lenore France
  Kevin Reuscher
Jo-Lynn Harmon
Lynn Wachtmann
  Leon Chagolla
Judy Daus
Megan Fillman
  Lincoln Gisel
Katie Lukesic
Michael Ruebusch
  Lisa Emmerling
Kayla Puntel
Shannon Klug 
  Lisa Willey
Kristen Falinski Cole
Susan Newell     Matthew Sickmiller
Kristin Rufener
    Michael Moreau
Melissa Beck
    Michael Tarpoff
Melissa Patterson
    Nancy Kandrac
Melody Betts
    Nicholas Farinacci
Michael Eminger
    Peggy Contrera
Phyu Lay McLaughlin 
    Rachel Ashworth
Rachel Smith-Steinert
    Randi Johnson
Robin Orlikowski
    Thomas Hart
Ron Patterson
    Timothy Burke
Susan Cahill
    Tina Newton
Virginia Longnecker
      Yana Krmic 



The Spring 2017 OSANA PAC Movie

Why is it important to donate to the OSANA PAC?
The OSANA works with lobbyists and legislators to advocate for CRNAs and your practice. PAC dollars are used to support those policy makers who support us.  Donating to OSANA PAC is one way to protect CRNA practice in Ohio.


How can I donate?
With our new website, donations are easier and safer than ever!  Click on the link below to make an online donation.  Consider setting up a monthly recurring donation.  Monthly donations help the PAC Committee to plan for future fundraisers and events. 
Checks or money orders made to "OSANA PAC” can be mailed to: OSANA, 17 South High Street, Suite 200, Columbus, OH 43215. Federal law requires that you include your name, address, and employer for reporting purposes. All money must come from personal accounts - no corporate or business funds can be accepted.


What is the relationship between the OSANA PAC and the AANA’s CRNA- PAC?
AANA’s CRNA-PAC is a federal PAC allocating dollars to federal candidates on behalf of the CRNAs. OSANA PAC cannot give funds to federal candidates, and cannot contribute to CRNA-PAC.