2018-19 Ballot Review
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Meet the Candidates

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  Charles Tabbert, MSN, CRNA
  Northern Anesthesia Providers
Joined AANA: 2016


   Nicholas Farinacci, MSN, CRNA 
Cleveland Clinic
Joined AANA: 2008



 Robin Anselm, DNP, MSN, CRNA
Cleveland Clinic Foundation
Joined AANA: 1994


 Patrick Clinton, MSN, CRNA
Southwest Ohio Anesthesia Consultants
Joined AANA: 2015


 Raymond "Jeff" Gaskins, MSN, CRNA
New Albany Orthopedic Anesthesia
Joined AANA: 1992

 Theresa Howland, MSN, CRNA  
Nationwide Children's Hospital
Joined AANA: 2009


 Brandon Maiden, MSN, CRNA
Adena Regional Medical Center
Joined AANA: 2016

 Susan Newell, MSN, CRNA
Newell Anesthesia Inc and Malabar Anesthesia
Joined AANA: 2004


 Justina Onwughalu, MSN, CRNA, MBA-HCA
Independent contractor
Joined AANA: 2009 2009

 Carrilee Powell, MSN, CRNA
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
Joined AANA: 2014


 Justin Sauder, MSN, CRNA
Fulton County Health Center
Joined AANA: 2015


 Alaina Dunkelberger, MSN, CRNA
Nationwide Children's Hospital
Joined AANA: 2015

 Kelly Pond, DNP, CRNA
Professor of Instruction Nurse Anesthesia Program University of Akron
CRNA per diem
Joined AANA: 1998



 Kayla Puntel, MSN, CRNA
Northstar Anesthesia
Joined AANA: 2015