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From the President...

 As members of the Ohio Nurse Anesthesia Student (ONAS) Board, we  represent all seven nurse anesthesia schools throughout the state of Ohio and are eager and dedicated to increase student engagement in OSANA. In the upcoming year, we plan to educate and spread enthusiasm about this organization and the CRNA profession. The current ONAS Board consists of the following members:


 Jenna Applebee (Cleveland Clinic) President
Seth Gambone (Youngstown State University)
Eric Glasstetter (Otterbein University)
John Kanotz (Akron University)
Timothy King (Case Western Reserve University)
Stephanie McCarrtt (Lourdes University)
Kristen Southern (University of Cincinnati)


Our primary focus as students is to excel in our clinical and didactic coursework, while ultimately preparing to pass the National Certification Examination (NCE). However, in addition, our presence and involvement in our state organization can make a substantial impact on the growth and success of our future profession. Our goal for this upcoming year is to provide information and various opportunities for students to actively participate. This includes encouraging attendance at state and national meetings, hosting networking and health and wellness events, and promoting involvement in fundraising efforts in support of OSANA’s current legislation.


During the OSANA Spring Conference this year, we are excited to host the second annual College Bowl presented by Apex Anesthesia co-founders, Daniel and Kevin. Teams from the seven schools in Ohio will participate to gain the title of “The 2019 College Bowl Champions” and possession of the rotating trophy. Also at Spring Conference will be SRNA-focused presentations that will offer educational and informative topics specifically geared toward the interests of students.


In addition to state meetings and events, many Ohio SRNAs have attended national meetings like Mid-Year Assembly and Annual Congress. Experiences at these conferences have excited many students about their future professions and inspired them to remain involved at both the state and national level. We will share presentations with information and photos from these events in order to express the value of attendance and encourage more students to take part.


As students, we can also have a significant impact on current Ohio legislation as it relates to the practice of nurse anesthesia. We plan to educate our peers about the current legislation pertaining to nurse anesthetists, increase awareness, and promote student involvement at legislative fundraisers and events.


Aside from meetings and conferences, we plan to invite students to OSANA Connect Events and other networking functions within their regions. At Spring Conference, we hope to not only have education sessions for students, but also fun, wellness activities. 


If you are a student looking to get involved, please reach out to any of the ONAS Board representatives. We would love to answer any questions you may have, gather new insight and ideas, and better understand how you may specifically want to get involved. The energy and involvement we put forth now and in the future will determine the positive growth and prosperity of the nurse anesthesia profession. 



Jenna Applebee    


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