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 From the President...

The Ohio Nurse Anesthetists Student (ONAS) board was formed in 2016. In each successive year, student involvement has increased to represent the seven nurse anesthesia schools in Ohio. As representatives of ONAS, we wish to spread our excitement to entice and engage fellow peers to increase involvement with OSANA. As we look forward to 2020, seeding professionalism, excitement, and engagement are tantamount to accomplishing great things for our profession in the great state of Ohio. The current ONAS Board consists of the following members:



David Lin (University of Cincinnati) President

Kristina Popelas (University of Akron) Treasurer

Natalie Oberstar (Case Western Reserve University) Secretary

Bakhrom Ahmedov (Cleveland Clinic)

David Kanotz (Otterbein University)

John Petch (St. Elizabeth Health Center)

Tessa Palazzolo (Lourdes University)


Our purpose is to seed and sow interest in students. “Get ’em Fired up!” We strive to elicit the desire to contribute talent, time, and or money for the betterment of our profession. As such, we look to expand student involvement in each respective nurse anesthesia schools with potential metrics to measure and monitor growth. We can’t be the “best-kept secret” anymore, we need to be out and proud. Through grassroot efforts, increasing student engagement at a local level will provide greater awareness of OSANA’s mission and vision. Greater community involvement through volunteering and marathons are examples of increasing our public presence.


As students our concentration should not be limited to excelling in didactics, clinical skills, and board preparations. We must also take a moment and turn our attention to advocacy of our profession. The on-going legislative push of HB 224 is to clarify and modernize CRNA’s scope of practice in the state of Ohio that reflects our education, training, and national certification. To become more involved, look for your ONAS representative, join OSANA regional events, join OSANA conferences, and AANA conferences.


There is more to being at an OSANA or AANA conference, it’s an opportunity to network with colleagues from across the state or across the nation. It’s an opportunity to learn from various educational sessions that range from legislative process, finance, to reinforcing didactics and clinical skills. It’s an opportunity to learn how to advance and advocate for our profession. Moreover, during OSANA spring conference, you can also learn various MSN and DNP projects presented by fellow SRNAs that propel our profession and field!


Of course, didactics and clinicals skills are important focuses as students. In solidifying the tradition, OSANA spring conference will host the third annual College Bowl presented by Kevin and Danny from Apex Anesthesia. The seven great schools will enter the games and compete for anesthesia knowledge dominance. Only one school will reign supreme with its legacy etched into permanence on a coveted golden trophy. The format will differ from the year prior, but competition will remain blazing fierce. The rigors of the annual College Bowl promote educational excellence, fun competition, and display of student-knowledge prowess.


Again, if you are interested in joining or have questions don’t hesitate to ask either your ONAS representative or members of OSANA! Stay curious, ask many questions, and get “fired up”. Happy holidays and happy new year!




David Lin

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