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Ohio Nurse Anesthetist Student Board

Meet the 2017-18 Student Board of Directors


One opportunity OSANA offers its students is sponsorship at a national advocacy event in
Washington, D.C.  Here are some of the highlights from this year's students.   

 This way my first MYA. I absolutely loved it! Getting to see how many anesthetists are passionate about keeping this profession not just going, but fighting to be able to work up to our potential was definitely an inspirational thing to see.  It was also very exciting to see that, as an organization, we had representatives from all 50 states.     It makes me want to get more involved in my future and bring a lot of other practitioners with me.  The visits on Capitol Hill made me realize how much more work we have to do on informing people about what exactly we do and how much training we really do go through.  Although the AANA had some setbacks in the recent years with legislation, I am convinced that with all the intelligent, passionate and dedicated members everything they set out to accomplish will fall into place.  Thank you to all the wonderful student advisors for taking us all under your wings and giving us the best experience possible.  I will definitely be attending more MYA! 

--Kayla Puntel, BSN, SRNA, St. Elizabeth's

 Part of advocating for our professional advancement is speaking as a collective voice, and our hardworking board members and lobbyists in Columbus and Washington D.C. do that very well. It also became clear to me that their ability to fight for the advancement of our profession is limited only by a lack of support on our part as individual practitioners. Adding our word of support by writing letters or making phone calls outside of the legislative visits is essential to help legislators understand the extent of our reach as voters, and the impact of our care as CRNAs. Along with advocating, learning to lobby effectively was also a major focus of the assembly. Last year I had the opportunity to sit in and listen to legislative visits, which helped me understand how to shape the conversation and the importance of telling my story. This year I was able to put those lessons into practice for multiple legislative visits.

-- Erika Mahlowitz, BSN, SRNA, University of Akron

 Attending the Mid-Year Assembly turned out to be one of the highlights of my educational career thus far.  I was able to connect with other students and nurse anesthetists from all over Ohio as well as from across the nation.  An event I really enjoyed was the mixer/social event between Pennsylvania and Ohio’s nurse anesthetist associations.  This was a great time to again connect with colleagues from another area and learn more about the issues and barriers that they too face in their practices.  Thursday and Friday was blocked off for the meetings with the various congressmen and senators from Ohio.  This was the first time I had ever participated in any sort of lobbying or meetings of the sort.  I found the meetings to be enjoyable and informative.  The highlight of these meetings, and essentially the entire trip, was having the opportunity to meet directly with Congressman Bob Latta.  It was very interesting hearing his experiences and points of view regarding our presented issues as well as offering him more information.

--Justin Sauder, BSN, SRNA, Lourdes University

 It was awesome to see how many students wanted to take part in the advocacy for our profession and how we all came together to get the work done. It was an honor to be around those people leading the way to share information with not only our cohorts but legislators as well. Information is power. All we need to do is provide the information amongst ourselves, to the public and to the politicians.

--Jessica Tobey, BSN, SRNA, Otterbein University


Timothy Maiden, BSN, SRNA

Otterbein University



Anna Santisi, BSN, SRNA

St. Elizabeth's


David Wilcox, BSN, SRNA

Lourdes University


Chad Crouch, BSN, SRNA

Case Western Reserve


Traci Meadows, BSN, SRNA

University of Cincinnati


Haley Franck, BSN, SRNA

Cleveland Clinic


Eric Bobek, BSN, SRNA

University of Akron