HB 224- Anesthesia Patient Care Bill
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Facts About House Bill 224

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists are licensed Advanced Practice
Nurses who are highly trained and skilled to provide anesthesia care.  CRNAs
work in a variety of healthcare settings including large hospitals, ambulatory
surgery centers, office-based settings and critical access hospitals in our rural
communities.  CRNAs have been providing safe, effective anesthesia care for
over 150 years.  

HB224  - Anesthesia Patient Care Bill

Cosponsored by Rep. Jon Cross and Rep. Shane Wilkin

• Clarifies CRNA Scope of practice in Ohio

• Matches CRNA practice with their education

• Allows CRNAs to order needed medications for their patients

• Permissive, facilities decide implementation

• Does not allow CRNAs to write prescriptions


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