Fall Meeting
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2018 Fall Meeting

 September 14-15, 2018

Marriott Renaissance - Westerville Polaris

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9+ CE Credits 
ACLS and PALS Renewal Course


Friday, September 14th (2.75 Class A CE credits)

10:00 AM 

OSANA Board of Directors Meeting

5:00 PM

Registration Opens

5:30 PM

Ultrasound Guidance for Spinal and Epidural Anesthesia
Jessica DeSalvo, BSN, SRNA & Kaitlyn Newkirk, BSN, SRNA

5:30 -
6:00 PM

Case Study: Managing Severe Pulmonary Hypertension during Peroral Endoscopic Myotomy 
Charles Straubhaar, BSN, SRNA

6:00 -
6:30 PM

Pseudocholinesterase Deficiency: Pathogenesis and Management   
Megan Wilkins, RN, BSN, CCRN, RNSA2 & Jessica Storey, RN, BSN, CCRN, SRNA

6:30 -
7:00 PM 

Massive Transfusion Protocol 
Emily Antes, BSN, SRNA

7:00 -
7:45 PM

Class Act: Refining the Tactful Art of Complaisance in the Operating Room
Ryan Wells, BSN, SRNA

8:00 PM

Open Reception with light fare and drinks


Saturday, September 15th (7 Class A CE credits)

7:00 AM

Breakfast Available

8:00 AM -

ACLS/BLS Renewal Course

8:00 -
9:00 AM

New AANA Guidelines for the Management of the Obstetric Patient
Beth Ann Clayton, DNP, MS, CRNA

10:00 AM

Delaware's Pathway to Achieving APRN Consensus
Ron Castaldo, PhD, MBA, MS, CRNA, APRN, CCRN

10:00 -
10:30 AM

Changing the Outcome Together: Postoperative Opioid Sparing
Theresa Howland, MSN, CRNA
Jamie Furstein, PhD, DNAP, CRNA, CPNP-AC

10:30 -
11:00 AM

Optimizing Post-Cesarean Pain Control with AANA Obstetric Analgesia and Anesthesia Guidelines
Beth Ann Clayton, DNP, MS, CRNA

11:00 -
11:30 AM

AERD - A Phenotype of Asthma With Anesthetic Implications
Kellie Deeter, MSN, CRNA 

11:30 AM -

What is my Worth? Anesthesia Billing Principles Applied to your Practice 
Jeff Molter, MSN, MBA, CRNA

12:00 -
1:00 PM 


1:00 -
5:30 PM 

PALS/BLS  Renewal Course

1:00 -
2:00 PM 

OSANA Business Meeting with Bylaw Amendments 

2:00 -
3:00 PM 

State Government Relations Update 
Kellie Deeter, MSN, CRNA & OSANA Lobbying Team

3:00 -
4:00 PM  

Practice Management - Billing and Reimbursement 
Paul McMullen, MSN, CRNA 

4:00 -
4:30 PM 

The Potential Contamination of Patient Skin by Use of a Forced Air Warming Device (FAW) 
Kevin Hamilton, DrAP, CRNA, Major, US Army, Ret.

4:30 -
5:00 PM 

OSANA Past, Present, Future
Jeff Molter, MSN, MBA, CRNA 

 5:00 PM

End of Event