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AANA to Partner with Parkdale Center for Professionals

Thursday, September 6, 2018   (0 Comments)
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In recent years, AANA Peer Assistance has benefited from a growing relationship with addiction treatment provider Parkdale Center for Professionals and co-founder Rodrigo (Rigo) Garcia, MSN, MBA, CRNA, APN.  Rigo has contributed to Peer Assistance Advisors Committee (PAAC) conversations and educational development, and provided addiction professional assistance on numerous helpline calls related to drugs or alcohol issues.  Following months of analysis to develop the partnership plan and process, and presentation and backing by the State Peer Advisor (SPA) network, PAAC proposed to the AANA Board of Directors formalizing this relationship as an AANA Parkdale Partnership. The primary goals are to improve CRNA/SRNA access to help for substance use disorder and reduce variabilities in support. The various elements of this alliance will improve the existing AANA Helpline by outsourcing calls to an AANA branded live answer response with support, resources, and list of validated treatment providers meeting the needs of anesthesia professionals, their employers, and families.

The partnership concept was approved by the AANA Board of Directors at the July 2018 meeting.  SPA volunteers will continue to fulfill an integral role providing post-crisis follow-up care and expanding work on educational outreach, building awareness, and participation at the state level.  

We look forward to collaborative work on education, treatment, aftercare and reentry options for CRNAs and SRNAs.  AANA members will receive communication updates regarding the partnership as rollout continues.

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