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Facts About House Bill 191

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists are licensed Advanced Practice
Nurses who are highly trained and skilled to provide anesthesia care.  CRNAs
work in a variety of healthcare settings including large hospitals, ambulatory
surgery centers, office-based settings and critical access hospitals in our rural
communities.  CRNAs have been providing safe, effective anesthesia care for
over 150 years.  


House Bill 191 will simply...

Put Patient's First

The training and education that a CRNA has allows them to perform the level of care outlined in HB 191.

Provides Clarity

HB 191 does not expand the scope of practice of a CRNA, but rather clarifies how CRNAs currently practice. 

Allow for Facility Control

The institution will have  the final decision on how CRNAs practice within that local setting.


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