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Ohio Nurse Anesthetist Student Board


The Ohio Student Nurse Anesthetists board and committee members would like to wish the OSANA membership a Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year.  2016 was certainly an interesting year on many levels.  It was also the first year of existence for the student board.   As the inaugural members of this group, we are working hard to increase student involvement and awareness about OSANA.  It is our hope that students get excited about protecting the profession they are working so hard to enter.  It is also the desire of the committee to provide value for students at OSANA meetings through educational courses and board preparation programs.  We also desire to enhance the voice of students through OSANA media platforms.  We are happy to report that we seeing more student involvement and attendance at meetings and advocacy events.  We hope to continue that on into the New Year.


Thank you for the ability to serve you and this association! 


Patrick Clinton, BSN, SRNA, Otterbein University

Student Board President


Patrick Clinton, BSN, SRNA

Otterbein University



Ellen Sunderland, BSN, SRNA

Cleveland Clinic


Erika Mahlowitz, BSN, SRNA

University of Akron


Kevin Woodfin, BSN, SRNA

University of Cincinnati


Angela Hetrick, BSN, SRNA

Lourdes University


Christopher Bibro, BSN, SRNA

Case Western Reserve University


Kayla Puntel, BSN, SRNA

St. Elizabeth's